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    William (Bill) Aley

    In my Agency, USDA , we are looking to develop an Agency wide policy to address individuals that are experiencing transgender reassignments and the impacts within in the Federal Workplace. I would like to open a dialog with representative of other Federal agencies as to their existing policies and the success of such policies. The end result will be a process that allows our Special Emphasis Program Managers a foundation to develop a written policy in USDA.
    In this context dialog discusses not over the moral issues of if employees should be allowed to transition in the workplace, rather we are acknowledging that the process is of social importance to look at from a perspective of engaging dialog to the necessity of participating in the social contracts of the federal workplace. Where we, as federal employees, must set aside our personal biases and perceptions when we come to the workplace and where every employee has a level of security and protection to be a worker amongst workers.
    I’d like to hear about how your Agency has become forward thinking in this subject.

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    Steve Ressler

    When I was at DHS, this occurred with one of our employees but don’t remember if there was a policy.

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    I’ve experienced this in the private sector (not in the public sector…yet). We didn’t have a policy, just took things day-by-day. Was interesting though from HR perspective, hearing employees feedback.

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    William (Bill) Aley

    In USDA we had an employee at a meat packing plant transition from male to female. The agency stepped up and provided training and awareness. With minor bumps and issues about what rest-room co-workers were comfortable allowing the employee to use there was no major problems. From that time FSIS has been one of the leaders within USDA with positive presence and awareness and education of LGBT issues. There have been a couple of other individuals within the agency and our management thought it would be timely to establish an Agency policy. Private industry is clearly coming to tems with the issue and the Feb 2010 decision where the Federal Tax Court ruled that medical treatment for gender identity disorder (GID) qualifies as tax deductible medical care under the Internal Revenue Code.

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    This happened at my office. I don’t believe there is a policy, but it was pretty much a non-issue. A quick meeting announcing that she’s one of the guys now and that was about it. (I do think they waited until the change was made legal by a judge before making an ‘official’ announcement.)

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    Nichole Henley

    haven’t experienced this yet.

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    Just received a notice about a Transgender Career and Wellness Fair. This is the first I have heard of something like this (though I am sure it is not the first!). I suppose if anyone is near to Orlando FL you might be interested to obtain more information as there are mental health and legal providers, as well as support groups attending!

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