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    Tim Constantine

    So we’ve read things, or participated in conferences, or just talked things over with someone, where we’ve had these ah-ha moments when the light bulb came on.

    Please share your ah-ha moments, and being as specific as possible, tell us what they inspired you to do…

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    Tim Constantine

    At a conference the presenter (sorry, not remembering who) said, “Everything government does begins and ends with a form.”

    This inspired me to think about the current state of our forms where things were on personal drives, local drives, and shared drives; filing cabinets and desk drawers. Where multiple people were multiple versions of the same form. Where there were paper-only forms, etc. In other words, we were very inefficient when it came to forms. And since everything we do begins and ends with a form, our processes were beginning and ending in a very inefficient way.

    We now have an internal wiki (DokuWiki) for our forms, policies and procedures. When people need a form, they go to the wiki where there’s always the latest one. As people are reading the policy, there’s a link to the form that the policy describes. There are no paper-only forms, and forms are not kept on personal drives, local drives, and shared drives; filing cabinets and desk drawers.

    At a conference and the presenter was talking about wikis and social media. Someone in the audience asked about people being belligerent on these platforms and posting bad or misleading information. The presenter essentially said that these problems are exaggerated because in the end, the community “pleases itself.”

    This comment inspired me to continue my push for a platform for sharing information and resources in my organization.

    GovLoop, by the way, is a good example of the community pleasing itself.

    Reading “Managing the Realisation of Business Benefits from IT Investments” was my biggest ah-ha moment.

    This 22 page paper has inspired me to rethink our business practices, give presentations on the topic, and write my “Focus on Efficiency” blog posts here on GovLoop. It has become my soap box.

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