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    Adam Harvey


    I’m interested in seeing what other videos your departments/agencies/offices are putting online. Would you care to share links to your YouTube or Vimeo accounts?

    Here’s ours:

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    Our website for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has a video page. Our videos include: public information on things such as our Bus Idiling program, recycling information around the state, news station reports, audio interviews, etc.

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    Adam Harvey

    Thanks for sharing, Tricia. I like that I can see a brief description for all of your videos on one page. They load quickly too.

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    Tony Leal

    Due to size limit, the City of Boynton Beach, FL only post videos under 10 minutes. Check it out at By the way, how did you get to post videos more than 10 minutes long/ Please let me know. Thanks.

    Tony Leal
    Video Production Specialist
    City of Boynton Beach

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