Should government be considered a top employer for Gen Y workers?

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    I just noticed that Brittany Ballenstedt has a blog post that asks this question over on NextGov’s Wired Workplace. Here’s an excerpt:

    Brazen Careerist, a social networking site for millenials, last week released its list of the top 50 employers for Generation Y. A few well-known technology companies, including Google, Yahoo and Sungard Data Systems, made the list, as well as several federal contractors.

    I was surprised to learn that no government agencies or nonprofit organizations were included in the list, especially as many millenials are considered to be civic-minded and widely interested in serving the government or nonprofit community.

    She goes on to mention that the Partnership for Public Service has a category in its Best Places of Work survey that highlights the top agencies for workers under age 40 and asks:

    – Do you consider the federal government to be top employer for Generation Y workers?
    – What agencies would come out on top?
    – What can the government do better to attract the younger generation?

    So….help Brittany (and the Partnership and government) out! What do you think?

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    Steve Ressler

    I think it is one of the top employers for Gen Y…depending on your bent agencies like State Dep, EPA are really intriguing. Also the military is a top employer for many Gen Y’s coming out of high school and college.

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    Peter Sperry

    One aspect of federal employment many people forget is that an individual can have multiple careers by working at several different agencies and still retain all the retirement and job security benefits of working for a single employer. A Gen Y graduate can start as a computer tech in Portland Maine for the Navy, manage a third world tech development program in Asia for the State Department, and retire as a CIO for Transportation in DC. Only a very few private sector employers (GE?) offer a similar range of opportunities and ability to progress from one challange to the next within a single employment umbrella.

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    Andrew Rushton

    As a member of Generation Y (mid 80s baby) I can attest that government employment is attracting great interest among pockets of the younger population. I am working towards a graduate degree now in interactive media with the intention of applying these skills towards the government arena where much work remains in utilizing better communication methods to connect government entities to constituents.

    Considering all of the talk about the pending retirement boom of government workers, there needs to be more concerted efforts by government agencies to reach out towards the Generation Y crowd. Government jobs have great perks but I don’t believe many young people realize this!

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    No, I think Gen Yer’s enjoy the freedom of working in the private industry very much unless a close relative or friend is a fed who conveniences them otherwise. I have seen a lot of agencies hire children of federal employees.

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