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    Occasionally, I Google myself – you know, just to see what comes up. Usually, it’s LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profiles, followed by a couple other random places where I have a presence on the web…like GovLoop. You can see the search results to the right.

    Note that my GovLoop profile shows up at a #5 rank. Now I know that I am far more active on GovLoop than any of these other places, so you’d think it would show up higher, right? Certainly, one of the reasons it’s lower is that LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have better SEO than GovLoop. But another reason is that GovLoop has kept its Member Profiles closed so that search engine crawlers do not find them as easily. We’ve done that to protect members’ privacy.

    But as we provide more programs and services like Rock Your Resume, the GovLoop Mentors Program and career-related training, I am wondering if members would LIKE for their GovLoop profiles to be found more easily. So here’s my question for you:

    Would you like GovLoop Member Profiles to be open so that your activity here is more discoverable?

    Would that be advantageous for you and your career?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insight!

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    I link my profile in my LinkedIN and my twitter bio anyway – it’s fine by me

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    Stephanie Slade

    I’m always in favor of making information about me easily discoverable, if for no other reason than to drown out less-than-favorable information on people with the same name!

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    Terrence Hill

    I agree that opening up my GovLoop profile would be a good thing. As a government employee, I’m used to transparency and accountability. Go for it!

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    Steve Lunceford


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    I would like it as a restricted option. Let me opt-in to these avenues. Also, allow me to receive notifications when my data is being accessed.

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    Adam Arthur

    I like the idea of people having to join GovLoop first, before they can get in on most of the action. It’s kind of like having to show my federal ID before I can walk past the security guard – you need to be one of us. True, you can just make up an identity, but most people don’t do that – they instinctively fill out the form with their most basic information. What makes it even easier is all of the profile integration options from other sites – (Google, twitter, etc.). GovLoop, to me, is all about the community feel aspect – I don’t feel that on LinkedIn, FaceBook or Twitter. Sure, they have their purposes, but nothing is quite like GovLoop.

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    Gadi Ben-Yehuda

    No one knows I write on GovLoop, and if my employer ever found out. . .

    Kidding. Yeah, open it up!

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    I like to have my privacy protected and don’t want my postings, etc. hijacked. Just my two cents.

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    Bill Brantley

    Open is fine with me but it should be an opt-in setting because I think many on GovLoop would like the choice. On a related note, what is GovLoop’s policy concerning selling of member information to third parties as a result of this change? Just asking for clarification. Thanks.

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    Henry Brown

    Would suggest that the option be given to “opt in”

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    Angel Delgado

    If you can make it optional, sure!

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    Sam Allgood

    Open it … with opt-in option.

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    I agree with the “opt-in” idea. I am concerned about potential misuse of information.

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    Chris IRS Recruiter

    I like the op-in idea. If you did open them up it would be a great way for us to increase our profile visibility, and get recruitment messages out to an even larger audience.

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    Victoria Aleman

    If the consensus is open, then please have the opt-in available. Personally, I’d rather not. As one other person mentioned, there’s a different feel to this community and opening up profiles would change that. If people want to find me or information about me, they can find it on Facebook or LinkedIn or wherever else on the web.

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    Diedre Tillery

    I agree – opening it is a good idea as an opt-in option.

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    Bill – GovLoop does not sell member information to third parties. Period. End of story. We consider that proprietary information and protect it very carefully.

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    Denise Petet

    I’d like it to have an opt in/opt out option. Simply because while some will use the profiles for good, there’ll be the inevitable data miner that’ll just love to get all those e-mail addresses or information.

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    Bill Brantley

    Thanks. I hope I didn’t come across as harsh but I was one of the folks recently stung by the DropBox policy change. Just being cautious. 🙂

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    Daniel Bevarly

    James has the correct response. It should be a member option. After all, Govloop is not a government agency, but a social network (and a darn fine one, too).

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    @Julie. Hi Julie. Yes. It would “get recruitment messages out to an even larger audience”. Keep in mind that this “larger audience” is a double edged sword. There will be a positive and a negative swing. Will the pluses outweigh the minuses? Rather than swing the proverbial opt-in floodgate wide, can we develop processes that will control the opt-in process? Just throwing something out there. Thanks.

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    @Susan. This is a valid concern. Some of the GovLoopers are still active employees. Others are retired but still have strong connections to active employees.

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    @Bill. That’s good to know. Especially for newcomers such as myself.

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    Dick Davies

    GovLoop is not a closed community. My observation is that GovLoop is a global hub for people with interest in government infrastructure, and that you have impressive coverage in that group.

    Are you looking to accomplish something else?

    Twitter is my people search engine. Google Maps for directions. If you blunt the focus of your tool, you create an opportunity to devalue your community.

    Bettter to provide more value for people with an interest in government infrastructure.

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    Michelle Mullin

    DropBox is now selling our information to third parties? I didn’t realize that. May have to re-consider my usage of that service…

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    John van Santen

    Personally, I do not wish to have my profile made public by policy – although I am not opposed to an opt-in process. I am already concerned that GovLoop has morphed into “government contractor and HR personnel recruiter-Loop”; so I debate dropping membership but am restrained by the lack of a pure-government alternative (I mean *.gov/*.mil e-mail addresses).

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    Angel Delgado

    I second John’s comment!

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    I have to reiterate that I do not want my information made public. There should definitely be an opt-in feature. The potential for abuse by hackers and their ilk is too great. If information were made public without an opt-in or privacy feature, I would have to reconsider my GovLoop membership.

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