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    Stephen Peteritas

    I don’t know about you but I find it harder to connect with someone when I don’t know what they look like.

    Being on GovLoop every day, I see so many great insights from tons of awesome people but what I don’t see is the the smiling faces attached to those thoughts. So you probably know where this is going…

    How do we get GovLoopers to upload a picture to their profile?

    Right now at least 60 percent of the community (rough estimate) doesn’t have a picture uploaded. While that’s completely their prerogative it certainly puts a damper on things. I’m not going to quote all the stats that say how much more likely you are to connect with people if you have a picture up (but they are out there) rather I’d like to brainstorm ideas for how to motivate people to upload a pic.

    Here are some ideas I have:

    1) Make the default image something that’s less than aesthetically pleasing. Right now we have the GovLoop logo… what if it was something hideous or even just some text that called people out a little for not having a photo.

    2) Offer a monthly drawing for GovLoop swag or a starbucks giftcard for new members that upload a profile photo.

    3) You can’t see other people’s photo’s until you’ve upload one yourself

    Those are just ideas… anyone else have good suggestions?


    Feeling motivated to add yours? Click here to upload your profile pic!


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    Faye Newsham

    How about a “loyalty” reward for those of us who’ve had our pic up for quite some time. Or one for folks who change up frequently (I’ve kept the same one forever and should likely get it updated since I’ve cut all my hair off!)…

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    Stephen Peteritas

    That’s not a bad call Faye. It’s amazing how much better a recent picture makes a profile and for someone who is on the site all time seeing profile pics just make my day better… rather than staring at a logo.

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    People should be required to upload a photo. Frankly, I am less likely to connect with a person who doesn’t have one.

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    Stephen Peteritas

    I agree on the connection part Susan!

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    Let me clarify my remark. I realize that people may have compelling reasons not to post a photo or may feel self-conscious about their appearance; however, people are generally more comfortable if they see a face and a smiling one at that. The “govloop” logo next to a person’s name is like a blank. Please, that is not a hit on the logo.

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    Megan Dotson

    I totally agree Susan! When I have in-person conversations I have to look people in the eyes (sunglasses even throw me off); for this reason I find it extra hard to not even know who I’m talking to online. The picture at least helps me put “a name with a face”.

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    Terrence Hill

    All great ideas! I agree that a picture makes all the difference. I’m not sure whether it’s modesty, privacy, or an inability to figure out how to upload pictures, but I tend not to respond to people who don’t even want to share their likeness with me. Not a good message for a sharing website.

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    I think some of it is that people create accounts to find out about websites, and then for whatever reason are no longer engaged. It would be interesting to know that of the 60% who have no photo on their profile, has there been any activity with their account? Especially if it’s been over 6 months or a year.

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    Samichie K. Thomas

    I am not sure about others but I use my GOV.loop account for more work related searching, information sharing, etc. I don’t think I even have a picture on my work laptop of myself to share. I try to have a distinct division between personal and work related web browsing. If I have a picture I will try to post however, I would bet most people are thinking from a work perspective and the picture is secondary. All work and no play makes for a boring colleague..I hear you. I will post a picture. 😉

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    Great point Samichie! That was exactly as I was for the longest time. I finally uploaded a real photo when I became a featured blogger (or it might have been when I was member of the week) , as they requested my photo.

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    Greg Mt.Joy

    I think having a drawing is a great idea. I definitely prefer to see other folks’ photos. Employers might wonder about the confidence of the people who don’t post them, and the last thing you want people to do on a networking site is doubt your confidence. I’m sure lots of people have good reasons not to post them, but there’s certainly ways around some of them–post a picture of you from a distance, in flattering light (or lack thereof) or post a touched-up Glamor Shot-style photo. Or post a picture of your cat or dog! That at least gives us a clue about your personality. Right now I hope mine shows how much I love my son!

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    Great suggestions worth repeating for those who are reticent:

    “….post a picture of you from a distance, in flattering light (or lack thereof) or post a touched-up Glamor Shot-style photo. Or post a picture of your cat or dog! That at least gives us a clue about your personality. Right now I hope mine shows how much I love my son!”

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    J M

    So today I posted a picture. Does my profile picture help you know me better? I might look like one of those avatars or not, but so what. Connect wtih my ideas, not my face. And until I have a lot to say (I am still a rookie here) no need for the picture.

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    William Blumberg

    For my social media, I use photos. Now I have only a few that I use but I have made that commitment because of all the great reasons that people here have given. So, I wonder what smart people on site that is focus on social media, communications, and other such topics would not add a photo. Perhaps, asking them what barriers there are for adding photos such as technology, privacy, self image, or even just do not care. Then remove those barriers that we can. Now this show my lack of engagement in the gamification of consumer-oriented web sites so with that in mind, perhaps weight having a photo more heavily on our rank.

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    Tammie Shipe

    I agree!! I don’t have any pictures of myself on my work computer. I removed my butterfly clipart and insert a picture of my daughter when she was 1 day old (she was born 10-1/2 weeks early) – she is 20 months old now.

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    Andy Bahar

    I think it is up to the person if they want to do it or not. I am a person who likes to know who they speaking with. It much easier to memorize a face vs a name and putting the two is just plain awesome.

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    Steve Radick

    We had this issue internally here as well with getting people to upload their pics to our internal social networking platform, Here are some of things we did:

    • We hired a professional photographer to come to our lobby for several days at lunch and they would take professional (or fun) pics of anyone who stopped by free of charge. These pics were then used as people’s profile photos.
    • Some teams took the photos from people’s ID badges and posted those – most of these weren’t kept though, as people almost universally hated these photos and by having them up there like, we actually encouraged them to post one of their choosing.
    • We integrated it into our performance reviews by bringing up their employee profiles on the screen as their assessment was being presented. Employees who did NOT have a picture (of themselves) were not presented and were told that they would not receive their review (or their raise) until they uploaded their picture.
    • When we submit proposals for new work, we started including our people’s pictures in those and we pulled them straight from our profile pages. In that case, in order to submit the proposal, employees needed to have a picture uploaded.

    Bottom line – it didn’t work just to say they needed to upload a picture. We had to integrate it into our other processes so that the picture had other purposes.

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    William Blumberg

    Steve that is a great way of removing a barrire to have people participate.

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    Deena Larsen

    Please remember that about 2 percent of the population is face-blind–meaning we can not visualize or remember faces. For us, it is also important to have an icon–and ALWAYS link the face to a name.

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    Carol Davison

    What do you think about posting directions on how to upload photos? Then you would only be missing those who don’t have a decent one.

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    Give an award as a gift to brighten up their profile!

    How about, the “GL Transparency, Participation & Collaboration” Award/Gift.

    The personal picture applies to Transparency

    Being a member of GL applies to Participation

    Responding and Creating posts applies to Collaboration

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    Deborah Johnson

    I’m a relative newbie here. When coming onto a new system, I take a little while to assess whether I want to stay with it, or whether & to what extent I want to “show” myself. To me, this carries some privacy concerns. For instance, I have separate work & personal Facebook personae because we’ve had issues with a few “stalker” types at city hall. (Frankly, this also moderates the type & level of discussions I might have here on GovLoop- I’d hate to become just one more fired-for-inappropriate-social-media-post case!) For now, I’ve chosen to use a profile photo that is not my own face.

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    Steve Ressler

    Way to go Deborah! If you get any creepers on here (shouldn’t happen) let us know and we’ll moderate

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    Carol Davison

    Evidently the third time for uploading is the charm. Please enjoy the photo of my fur kid behaving huskily-counter surfer extraordinaire.

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    Amanda Blount

    HI Stephen,

    I have my photo uploaded, but I can understand why someone would not want to upload their own photo. Trust me, I am sure their are plenty of people who wish for a place to express their words and wisdom, but do not want to be noticed at work.

    I won’t say people would “lie” but I would guess some names on here are not real, and some of the people like it that way. We get the benefit of their experience without they risking their jobs.

    Plus, many people are not comfortable with what they look like in a photo, and that is thier choice. They like to be judged by their words, and not how they look.

    How about the choice to upload a cute avatar like many social networks allow? Or a drawing like someone else suggested. There are hundreds of avatars people can upload to express who they are inside.

    I would love to upload a photo of Dr Who for mine!!! LOL

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