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    Henry Brown

    From Seth Godin’s blog:

    1. People don’t like deadlines.
    2. Deadlines work.
    3. Deadlines make people do dumb things.
    4. Deadlines give you the opportunity to beat the rush.
    5. When we set ourselves a deadline, we’re incredibly lax about sticking to it.
    6. They have a lousy name.

    Anything else that could stand out about deadlines?

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    Henry Brown

    I would add

    7. Deadlines usually work much better if they are widely known (embarrassment factor)
    8. Team Deadlines need to be discussed and agreed to by ALL team members

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    Bill Brantley

    8. IT “soft” deadlines are deadlines like “fat-free” ice cream is ice cream.

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    Kevin Elliott

    Deadlines only work if there are consequences attached to them; otherwise they are suggestions.

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    The converse of #5 is the project management adage that work has a way of filling the time you give it.

    Perhaps a candidate for #12 is “Not all deadlines are created equal.” Some are a lot more important than others. Cry wolf too often and watch what happens to your flock.

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    Fascinating topic, Henry. I would add that deadlines should be reasonable. And, if it’s a long-term or complicated project, there should be checkpoints along the way so that progress can be evaluated and tasks can be added or re-assigned if necessary. Breaking larger projects into smaller components is helpful for all involved. I like what Kriste said, and I’ll add… if you have too many deadlines without prioritizing them, you may find that employees simply disregard deadlines altogether.

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