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    Henry Brown

    Be sure and visit the blog for links to all the apps…

    a list of FREE Smart Phone Apps from Library of Congress Blog:

    There’s a Congressional App for That

    I recently got a new smart phone and have started exploring apps that can help me keep up with Congress and do my job (Andrew has mentioned a couple before). I’ve compiled a sampling of apps for various devices. What’s your favorite app for getting in touch or keeping up with Congress?

    Information about Congress and Congressional members:

    • Call Congress (iPhone, )
    • Congress 411 (iPhone, )
    • Congress (Android, )
    • Congress 112 (Android, )
    • Follow Congress (iPhone, )
    • Real Time Congress (iPhone, )

    News about Congress:

    • C-SPAN Radio (iPhone, Blackberry, )
    • The Hill (iPhone, )
    • CQ Roll Call (iPhone, Blackberry; )
    • Politico (iPhone, Android, Blackberry; )
    • National Journal (iPhone, )

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