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    Henry Brown

    From UK; Suspect that the numbers are fairly universal….

    Press Release from o2.News:

    Making calls has become fifth most frequent use for a Smartphone for newly-networked generation of users
    Smartphones have become a digital “Swiss Army Knife” O2 report finds

    The Samsung Galaxy SIII has heralded the latest in a wave of smartphones with a focus “beyond calls” – handsets created specifically for a new generation of users with new demands of their phones – according to a report by mobile network, O2.

    On average, smartphone owners now spend over 2 hours a day using their phones, according to O2’s “All About You” Report into the way customers are using their handsets. However, the research found that making calls comes just fifth in a ranking of things they are used for.

    Smartphone users spend more time browsing the internet (25 minutes a day), social networking (17 minutes a day), playing games (13 minutes a day) and listening to music (16 minutes a day) than they do making calls (12 minutes).

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