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    Henry Brown

    Don’t know whether to say AWESOME! or OMG…

    Suspect the Luddites are saying another reason for me not to get a smartphone…

    Suspect the Data Scientists are going WOW! another source of data to analyse…

    From Science Daily:

    Identifying the individual’s transportation behavior is a fundamental problem, as it reveals information about the user’s physical activity, personal CO2 -footprint and preferred transit type. On a larger scale, this information could be aggregated to discover information about the utilization of different transportation options to aid urban planning.

    Researchers from the University of Helsinki have developed methods for extracting information about vehicular movement patterns from measurements of a smartphone accelerometer. The key idea is to extract characteristic acceleration and breaking patterns and to use these as a kind of signature to separate between different vehicular transportation modes.

    The main researcher, Samuli Hemminki, explains: “Extracting vehicular movement information from smartphone accelerometers is challenging as the placement of the device can vary, users interact with the phone spontaneously, and as the orientation of the phone can change dynamically. We overcame these challenges by developing novel algorithms for processing and analyzing accelerometer measurements.”

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