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    Ami Wazlawik

    Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Storify… the list of social media tools that individuals and organizations use is long and continues to grow. Different tools are best used in different circumstances, to convey different types of messages, and to reach different audiences. And each comes with their own set of rules/processes for how to use them. Learning how and when to use such tools often requires a lot of time, something that many folks don’t have much of these days.

    Here are two questions I’m hoping the GovLoop community can help answer:

    How do you find the time to investigate and explore new social media tools? What resources do you use to stay current on social media trends?

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    I used to chase all the new tools…and then I realized that it was impossible to do it all. So I settled on the places where I knew I was able to derive the most value. A couple questions I ask:

    – Are the right people there?

    – What time commitment will it take to connect with those people and build relationships (vs. just “blasting “my info)?

    – Is that time worth the investment?

    For me, that rules out Pinterest, Foursquare, Google+, Storify and a bunch of others. I even use Twitter a lot less these days (and generally use more surgically/strategically). LinkedIn is more an online rolodex than a place where I really engage. So that leaves me with GovLoop for professional contact and Facebook for more personal interactions….and I’m satisfied with that simplicity!

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    Joe Williams

    Unfortunately, I’m rather busy nowadays and cannot afford the time to explore new SM tools on my own, from scratch. What I do instead – I follow a couple of “thought leaders” on Twitter, and monitor their use of SM tools. If one of them shares a favorable experience, I’ll give the tool a look.

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    Terrence Hill

    I’m a hybrid between Andy and Joe. I use Twitter as my primary news feed from all 130 or so organizations and people that I value (including GovLoop, CNN, GovExec, White House, etc.). I used LinkedIn only for professional contacts, GovLoop for stimulating discussions, and Facebook for private/personal interactions. Twitter is my amalgamater (sp?) for all of my professional reading. I used to visit websites, but no longer bother, now that I have Twitter.

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