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    Steve Gluckman

    I am performing research for an article and presentation about the use of Social Media in government (federal acquisition to be specific) as a way of promoting knowledge sharing.

    This could be within or across government organizations.

    Does anyone have any examples they can share?


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    Jaime Gracia

    Steve – GSA is doing some great work in this space. Take a look at GSA.Interact.Gov

    GSA also conducted their Industry Day for what was their Integrations, now One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) Government Wide Acquisition Vehicle (GWAC). The materials are still available, and was a model for what Industry Days could be, given the leveraging of technology and need to reduce travel and conference/training.

    GSA also conducted a live Q&A on Twitter for this GWAC, to answer questions from Industry and help educate the public on the GWAC.

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    GovLoop! 🙂

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    Carol Davison

    Spot on Andy!

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    Kanika Tolver
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    Tera Lea Salo


    PACFLT KM’s are ALL over this – I have no idea if they moved into acquistion (that is not my forte), but Jamie Muskopf is a great tribal leader… search on cpfkmo. She’ll pop up on Twitter, Yammer, Facebook, Intellipedia, and maybe even GOVLOOP!


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    Tera Lea Salo

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