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    Attia Nasar
    Lindy Kyzer from the US Army Public Affairs Office gives her 6 social media tips:
    GOOGLE yourself and your organization
    JOIN popular social media sites
    Consider your GOALS
    REACH OUT to local media and publications
    DELEGATE social media efforts
    TOOLS – social media is just one tool in your tool kit
    View more of Lindy’s thoughts.
    Any other tips you would add?
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    I would add… ENGAGE the entire organization.

    Social media shouldn’t be about just one person’s efforts or a given department’s mission. Get others in the organization to take up the banner for more effective communications and better public relations through the concerted use of social media tools.

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    Attia Nasar

    Mike Spear (The Canadian), Genome Alberta, provides his social media tips:

    -have a plan with goals
    -know your audience
    -integrate into pr, comm, etc
    -have a clear budget
    -measure something
    -consider ‘real world’ actions
    -avoid the shot gun approach
    -be consistent

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    Kristin Dziadul

    Yes, even if you can create a community within your site or on another site i.e. on a Facebook fan page, that is great. Getting people to talk about you and conversing with them is key. Also ensure you thank those that promote or speak well of you.

    Always be LISTENING as well. This is key. Do searches for your company or subscribe to a Google Alert for your company’s name to read articles or messages written about you and RESPOND.

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