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    Jean-Paul Salley

    Hello all,

    I’m looking for direction on where to find usage figures for government employees (ideally federal) on social media and Web 2.0 applications.

    Ideally i’m looking to determine how many of such employees have supplemental social media accounts, contribute on such applications and sites, how much of this is done at work, as well as the prevalence of mobile usage (especially if, as is common, these applications or sites are restricted at work).

    These statistics can be international as I’m operating in Canada and am aware that the U.S. and Australian governments have been especially cutting edge with integrating such tools and resources.

    Thanks for any assistance on this request!

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    Steve Ressler

    Hmm…I haven’t seen such stats and guessing they are hard to find.

    Some easy ways to do some guessing is pick a federal agency – in U.S. say Environment Protection Agency which I think has 16,000 employees

    If you try to create a Facebook ad, you can target by employer and see how many identify. So say that is 4,000 folks – you can guess 25% is the minimum percentage.

    You can do roughly the same thing with LinkedIn

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