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    Alan Huynh
    Hi everyone,

    My name is Alan Huynh and I’m currently researching the factors that best determine the success rate of a local government utilizing social media.

    The survey can be taken at and would love for everyone to take it.

    I look forward to sharing my data once I get done with my research paper.

    Thanks for your interest and feel free to email me or msg me if you have any questions.


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    Adriel Hampton

    Alan, your blog posted twice; also having a problem with the page on Twitter – tells me that a question has not been filled, but all the visible questions have. Maybe trouble shoot it? Was an interesting survey until I got stuck 🙁 Thanks!

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    Adrian Hall

    Alan, do you want just an US perspective? I can tweet this around AU, if you wish. Let me know.



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    Alan Huynh

    Thanks, just fixed it!

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    Alan Huynh

    I would love an international perspective!


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