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    Henry Brown

    IMO interesting numbers, although does NOT reflect actual active users…

    Title: Expanding the Conversation
    Leveraging Social Media for Brand Interaction

    Turn on the television or open up your local newspaper. Chances are you will see brands highlighting one or more of their social media assets—if not outright promoting them—in the various ads they have placed across “traditional” media.

    Lately, marketers have become increasingly savvy in extending their social clout beyond digital borders. For example, one-half of the 52 national television spots that ran during the 2013 Super Bowl broadcast included a Twitter hashtag in the ad—a significant increase over the 2012 Super Bowl broadcast, where only 1-in-5 brands included a hashtag in their ads.*

    In March 2013, Burst Media surveyed 2,577 U.S. online adults aged 18 or older to understand how and why respondents use social media to interact with a brand—and gauge the effectiveness of sociallyempowered brand messaging across digital, broadcast, print and outdoor advertising media.

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    Henry Brown

    Commentary from Blogger Cameron Scott:

    Google+ Has More User Accounts Than Twitter

    Google+ now hosts more user accounts than Twitter, according to a survey [pdf] conducted in March by Burst Media.

    The study, which gained attention today when the analytics firm eMarketer dove into its findings, reported that while about a quarter of users reported having Google+ accounts, roughly 16 percent said they had Twitter accounts.

    Facebook remained the leading social network by a wide margin.

    The data did not look at user activity, leaving unanswered the question of how many of Google+’s accounts were generated by users of other Google services. Still, Google has seen several promising metrics recently for its long-discounted social network. For instance, a single mention on Google+ reportedly drives more sales than one on Facebook. Google is also leveraging the information on social connections in obtains through it social offering into its more successful products, such as maps.

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