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    Kathy Bowman

    I’m looking at the turn around time on “standing up” complete computer access at our organization.

    I’ve been told 6-8 weeks is not that unusual. At 8 weeks, I still have three pieces (vpn, a password, and encryption) outstanding. Is this normal where you work? If not, what system do you use to deliver computers and services to employees? How long does it typically take from ordering the hardware through full access to computer services?

    In particular I’m interested in the IT perspective – I’m sure there are system related reasons why getting all the pieces together on the software side take so long. I’m just wondering if there’s something systemic that could happen to make providing the computer and computer services coincide with the first few days of work.

    Perhaps there’s a process that could be instituted at the time the job offer is accepted rather than at “start of work?”

    Ideas, anyone?

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    Henry Brown

    Going out on a limb…. The entire process should NOT take any more than ~20 working hours…

    Obviously there will be exceptions

    1. Unexpected hires

    2. Exceeding licenses

    3. Hardware procurement lead time

    4. Unexpected IT crisis.

    And if these were to occur more than once a year would be terribly concerned about the productivty of the IT department.

    The IT department, or at least the ones I was associated with over 40 years, does an annual budget based on “typical” turnover and insures that expected hardware and software are already in house.

    It was the rare exception when a new hire was NOT replacing someone else, and because of the systems in place the replaced person was usually long gone… Because of the possibility of the rare exception that is why the IT department, at least the ones that I worked with, engaged in very agressive budget planning….

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    Henry Brown


    I see where you are NOT employed by a government entity. All my comments are based on government(would probably go as far as to say US Federal) models. And since It has been over 25 years since I have had any exposure to IT support in the private sector ….

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