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    Allison Cline

    As part of my graduate program I need to research other States and local governments experiences with emergency managers. In Michigan, PA4 is having a tremendous impact on local governments (including my own). While we have not been assigned an EM at this point, our coffers are so low it is a real possibility. Can anyone respond to the question or point me to other States that have utilized or are currently implementing EMs? Thank you!

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    Sara Estes Cohen

    Allison are you looking to identify individuals who work as emergency managers, or information on emergency management programs within state/local agencies?

    There is a vast number of resources out there that I can point you to but need to better understand what you are looking for first.


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    Allison Cline

    Sara – Please accept my apologies. I thought that I had replied on the same day you sent your message, but apparently, my phone had other ideas.

    Either working as emergency managers or information on emergency management programs is fine. I need to create an overview of how other states are being impacted by both. I’ll take whatever you’ve got!

    Thank you so much – I truly appreciate it.

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