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    Elliot Volkman

    Hey there everybody – I’m working with an analyst at Deltek to create a robust and detailed report on the current status of how state and local government employees utilize social media. Whether it’s to raise awareness for issues, political brand building, or just interact with the public, we would love to know more about you all.

    If you could just tell us what kind of things you all use social media for in a professional setting, we would greatly appreciate it. I believe Chris is looking to interview some folks as well.


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    Sam Anselm

    I work for the city of Joplin, Missouri. We mainly use Facebook as a tool to interact with the public. But we also use it for information sharing as well – recently we were fortunate to work with CivicPlus to redesign our website, and via we linked our website to our FB account to share announcments, events, job openings, etc.

    We also have a Twitter account, but it’s linked to our FB page as well, so we don’t compose original tweets very often.

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    Sheryl Hoag

    I work at the Department of Labor in NY. We use and recommend the use of LinkedIn to customers. It can be used to create a personal brand, research companies, get jobs, and network with other professionals for best practices. Facebook is frowned upon by the state and not used to my knowledge. I am still exploring other venues which brought me to this site.

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