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    Steve Ressler
    Conference Announcement
    12th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (dg.o 2011)
    Digital Government Innovation in Challenging Times
    University of Maryland, College Park MD
    Sunday – Wednesday, June 12–15 2011
    Home page:
    General inquiries: [email protected]
    Paper submissions:

    The Digital Government Society (DGS) is announcing the 12th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (dg.o 2011). The dg.o meetings are an established forum for the presentation, discussion, and demonstration of interdisciplinary digital government research, technology innovation, applications, and practice. Each year the conference combines:

    • Presentations of effective partnerships among government professionals, university researchers, relevant businesses, and NGOs, as well as grassroots citizen groups, to advance the practice of digital government.
    • Presentations and discussions on new research on digital government as an interdisciplinary domain that lies at the intersections of information technology research, social and behavioral science research, and the problems and missions of government.
    • Practice regarding digital government projects, implementations, and initiatives that bring together the research and practitioner communities, demonstrate the effectiveness and/or challenges of digital government [initiatives/processes/applications and processes], and offer best practices.

    Today, most countries face a number of challenges and uncertainties. Whether triggered by events related to rapidly shifting economic, social and political conditions, natural or man-made disasters, aging and crumbling infrastructure, or other factors, these phenomena challenge not just a single nation, but in a highly connected digital age, quickly become global challenges. And yet these challenges also bring opportunities as governments, their partners, and the public leverage technology to develop and implement creative solutions to issues, engage the public, and provide citizen services. This year, the conference program will focus on the ways governments and their partners are leveraging information and communication technologies as part of innovative and dynamic responses to the challenges they face.

    Research and practice submissions addressing this theme could include but are not limited to: open government, digital government capabilities for stress situation awareness; crowd sourcing for government decision making; models of collaboration among government, industry and citizens; data integration and analytics for government decision making; agile and flexible government; financial/economic/social policy making; government productivity and effectiveness; social and health infrastructure; global government collaboration models and practices; infrastructure for data sharing among government agencies; social media and public participation in digital government; effective use of social media by governments; and methods to measure and evaluate success in government.

    In addition, we welcome submissions from the broader domain of digital government research. We invite research papers, papers describing management and practice, policy, and case studies, student research papers, on-going research posters, and live demonstrations that demonstrate the use of technology to assist government and citizens in challenging times. We particularly encourage submissions on interdisciplinary and crosscutting topics. We also encourage the submission of suggestions for panels, and pre-conference tutorials and workshops.

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