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    Steve Ressler

    So GovLoop just launched virtual gifts. There’s a lot of standard gifts you would expect plus I added 5 customized towards GovLoop – the office party, the fancy office, boring meeting, and more.

    But as always, would love to heard your ideas GovLoopers? What would make a cool GovLoop gift?

    I’ll take the best 5 ideas by Thursday at noon and make them into gifts. And I’ll gift it to ya….

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    The “We Can Change” Change

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    Michael Kenneth Veh

    How about a box of empty pens? Better yet, make them cast off trade show pens with promos for really lame businesses or projects.

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    Chris McConnell

    Red tape obviously…

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    Kim Schaefer

    How about a gift group leaders could give group participants who are very active in their groups. It could be a blue ribbon or trophy or the Mr. or Ms. Know-it-all Award. Obviously “know-it-all” is being used in a funny sort of way and not in a mean-spirited way.

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    Kelly A. Harmon

    How about a box of burned popcorn? …. It’s that which makes everyone simultaneously groan, and yet wish they had though of having popcorn. Perhaps it can be used for the “Why didn’t I think of that?” award.

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    Mike Canino

    An oddly shaped glass paperweight award!

    We all have them…it’s for when achievement becomes generic. 😀

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    Martin Gruss

    a Lanyard
    A line-place-holder for a congressional hearing
    white out
    per diem
    metro card
    zip car token
    red stapler
    5 1/4″ floppy
    personal metal detector
    cloak of invisibility
    hand sanitizer
    H1N1 Vaccine
    face mask
    Al Gore’s cell number

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    Barbara Ann Smolko

    How about virtual versions of perks offered in the private sector that would NEVER be allowed in the public sector? Like virtual bonuses? A flight on the company jet? And, of course, as a true caffeine-soaked northwesterner, there’s nothing like a virtual venti double chocolate chip frappaccino. ; )

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    Amanda Blount

    Burnt Popcorn – Everyone’s office enemy!

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    Steve Ressler

    These are all awesome…will post the winners and gifts tonight/tomorrow.

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    Steve Radick

    I think there should be virtual gifts that only you (and whomever else becomes your admins, community managers, etc.) should be able to give. You should only give them out sparingly, and only to people who do extraordinary things here on GovLoop (criteria to be determined by you). There should be some virtual gifts that appear on people’s pages that become a badge of honor, not just a fun way of building community. For example, there should be some virtual gift that you give to someone, let’s say John Doe, I go to John Doe’s page, and I see the golden GovLoop (like a lasso or something) and I immediately know that he got that because he did something VERY cool to help the GovLoop community.

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    Joshua joseph

    Think this is a great idea, maybe also combined with Kim’s idea above. That there could be several different groups of gifts — some for everyone but others only available to you and another set only for group leaders to give out, which makes those a bit special.

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    Joshua joseph

    Glass half empty, glass half full, scissors (for cutting through red tape) When you gift someone, could there also be an option to write in what it is “for” to help personalize it?

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    Amanda Blount

    $2 for a virtual gift? That is kind of strange. I know the website needs to make money, but I was really confused. Is this a computing mistake? Do people really pay for things that no one will be able to ever touch?

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    Steve Ressler

    Yeah. Kind of like Facebook where some gifts are free and others are paid. Not totally my decision as it’s based on the tech backbone that GovLoop is built on.

    Still in an early stage and working on the kinks. Looking for ways to add more free gifts while also giving some out as rewards and other cool promotions.

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    Steve Ressler

    Winners are:
    Red Tape
    Burnt Popcorn

    Plus I added glass half full and coffee

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    Kelly A. Harmon

    Just getting back from a week away with no phone/email/internet access… just wanted to say, “Thanks!” for the popcorn. 🙂

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    Ramona Winkelbauer

    Still not quite “sold” on the purchasing credits for virtual gifts. Can you earn credits by adding to the content of GovLoop, or is it “cash equivalent” only?

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