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    Ari Herzog

    With my city council term commencing next month, I hold three years of experience working in state government and half a year in local government, and a master’s in public administration. Then there’s the online media persona I’ve built up, interviews I’ve granted and workshops I’ve taught. I live the line between government and the web.

    Which leads to a question how I should make the case to state/regional/local government managers to talk to me and/or hire me for what I believe may turn out to be new media assistance. Maybe not payroll; maybe part-time or consulting work. How do I break into this?

    There are countless social media marketing firms in the Boston area (let alone beyond) who have government clients, but they don’t focus on government so they don’t understand how red tape and bureaucracy work. I do.

    If you were me, and seeking to consult with government agencies, how would you make your case — with the presumption the agency doesn’t know they have an online media need? Blind letters, networking introductions, community workshops, etc?

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    Karol Taylor

    I would have a general subject matter service or product that I could deliver. Additionally, if I was targeting the federal government, I would do the paperwork and get on the GS Schedule. Hopefully you are networking with your political connections. Eighty percent of all jobs are gotten through some sort of networking, either face to face or screen to screen.

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    Steve Ressler

    Couple ideas:

    -Often I think social media is one piece of a larger portfolio. So for example, a government agency may contract out a large part of their public affairs work. You could find who has these contracts and position yourself as a potential sub-contractor.

    -Make sure to sign up for job openings as occasionally there are positions that open with these titles. USAJOBS is the best federal resource and I know there are a few state/local ones as well.

    -Networking, thought leadership is still key.

    -I still think social media in government is early. Despite all the talk and buzz, there are still a limited number of implemented gov 2.0 projects, social media positions, and social media contracts. But I think they are coming…

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    Amanda Blount

    Don’t forget

    This is also a great place to find a Government job working for DA.

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