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    Steve Ressler

    Who’s going to win?

    What do you think will be the best commercial?

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    Steve Ressler

    Steelers and Groupon commercial

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    Bill Brantley

    Packers! And I predict that Lindsey Lohan will find some flimsy excuse to sue the makers of the latest E-Trade baby Super Bowl commercial.

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    Rooting for Chicago – I have to root for GroupOn.

    Don’t really care who who wins the game.

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    Steve Ressler

    I was doubly wrong

    Groupon commercial = FAIL

    My favorite was Chrysler Eminem or VW Bug

    Aaron Rodgers played awesome

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    I want to personally apologize on behalf of Chicago for that GroupOn ad. We’re more embarrassed than that time our governor got arrested.

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    Bill Brantley

    Halftime Show – Double FAIL.

    Was that a teaser from Tron: The Musical? Next year they should just replace the halftime show with highlights from Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl.

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    Stephen Peteritas

    Didn’t care about the game but Audi had the best commercial

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    Jeff Ribeira

    Ditto. Game was alright, and the commercials were just “meh.” The VW one was good, but I also liked the Brisk one with Eminem (minus Eminem and everything he was saying). I thought the animation and style was pretty creative and awesome. Did anyone else feel there were a ridiculous amount of Pepsi Maxx and Doritos commercials?

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    Steve Ressler

    Yeah – that was bad. What was weird is their actual message is they give $15 in groupon credit if you give $15 for a charity –

    They did horrible job getting that message out

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    Steve Ressler

    That commercial was epic…

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    Tarryn Reddy

    Agree with the Audi commercial being the best. Gotta love the Kenny G touch!

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    I suppose the “spot” I enjoyed most is being overlooked because it was just an “info-mercial” …this presentation came before the game and was a semi-documentary/introductory piece I suppose the network produced? It wasn’t “selling” anything tangible so that might be what disqualifies this video from getting anyone else’s mention here? I thought this piece highlighted each team’s unique “spirit” fairly accurately. It relayed the significance of each team’s background and expressed the conducive atmosphere that creates legendary American football teams! Embedded in my mind was an identifiable character that the producers deserve credit for portraying differently for these two teams. The valid behind-the-scene vision captured their individual heritage, yet, at the same time it also showed how similar each team’s die-hard football fan support-network had fueled their drive to be in the Super Bowl!

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    Helen Slack

    The one with Pug

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    Steve Ressler

    Speaking of – here’s a cool article by NPR with Harper’s on imaging a Super Bowl ad for government –

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    All I was hoping for was an entertaining game and I thought Big Ben wouldn’t disappoint with another last minute comeback TD but oh well.

    Two commercials were absolutely hysterical:

    1. Bud Light Kitchen Makeover


    2. VW The Force- best commercial I have seen in years….Could not stop laughing for 5 minutes…

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    Lisa Pierson

    The Doritos House Sitting ad Superbowl 2011 – Doritos House Sitting Ad & the VW Darth Vader ads superbowl-commercials, were my favorite!

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