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    Jill Boone

    I’m looking for:

    • Examples of local governments’ Sustainability Policies — the full picture: environment, economic and equity.
    • Counties or large cities that have an office of sustainability, a sustainability program, or do annual sustainability reports that cover more than the environment.
    • Any local government with a Sustainability Action Plan
    • Any tools that local governments use to either plan or track sustainability initiatives.

    I know a lot of work is being done on climate change and many places have strong environmental sustainability programs (I’m ineterested in Counties that have these as well) but primarily I’d like to make some contacts with sustainability managers so that I can gather a bit of info.

    Thanks for any good leads – and if it’s you and I can call you, please send me your phone number! Jill ([email protected])
    Santa Clara County, CA

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    Jill Boone

    Thank you! This is the one county policy that I had found from a Google search and I used the words about explicit and implied responsibility in our draft version. I’m hoping there are a lot of other counties (or cities) out there that have policies, but maybe not! Jill

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    Jill Boone

    I’m finding some good work on environmental sustainability issues, but no policies…. Palo Alto CA has one and yours.

    WA does seem ahead of the game in terms of Offices of Sustainability etc. I’ve sent Pete a note and hope to connect with him Mon or Tues as my report is due Tues.

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    We, (Frederick County, Maryland) are in the adoption process. If you contact Patricia Greco: she will share with you what we have (draft). Also check with Pima County, AZ. They have a policy in place which is utilized as a good resource by others.

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