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    Joe Higgs
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    Job Category: IT (general)

    Job City: Reston

    Job State: VA

    Number of Jobs: 1

    Job Type: Contract

    Description: Senior level System Administrator/Engineer for the Information Sharing Services Division to support the infrastructure for mission critical
    systems on JWICS and SIPRNET. This Engineer will be involved in the
    design, deployment and documentation of a new DR infrastructure for the
    system. The Engineer will also be responsible for the development of
    System Admin and O&M documentation for set up and configuration.
    Work with other service providers to support and monitor the

    Summary of the Work: Responsible for UNIX servers (Sun F15000 and smaller) and the operating systems software and its successful integration with the hardware and
    applications software of the major computing systems across the
    organization. Plans, tests, installs, and integrates new and upgraded
    versions of the relevant operating systems on organizational computer
    systems, all third-party software components, and subsystems. Develops
    test plans and procedures. Tests and integrates software and hardware.
    Manages software life cycles. Establishes development, testing,
    staging, and operating environments. Designs interfaces to external
    systems. Maintains and consults for relevant operating systems on
    organizational computer systems, all third-party software components,
    and subsystems. Researches and resolves systems software problems
    efficiently and accurately while adhering to internal software
    management standards and procedures. Troubleshoots problems that may
    involve applications and the network. Provides technical support to
    applications and utility developers on requirements for integration
    into the operating environment. Maintains and updates documentation on
    the operating systems configuration.

    Job Qualifications:
    Clearance Type:
    TS/SCI with Lifestyle Poly

    Required Skill:

    • Considerable knowledge of operating systems.
    • knowledge of the organization’s operating environment.
    • knowledge of network requirements.
    • ability to anticipate impact on respective operating systems and computing platforms to include:
    1. UNIX
    2. Sun Microsystems’ F15000 or F6800
    3. HP’s Superdrome
    4. large-scale Linux Beowulf Clusters
    5. a number of various other utility applications

    Other Skills: Knowledge of the organizational standards for operating configurations,
    security constraints, and procedures for managing organization
    software. Ability to work with system developers to elicit requirements
    and engage in joint project planning. Working knowledge of project
    management techniques to plan and execute projects. Ability to research
    the latest technological developments in the relevant operating systems
    to identify impact on organization operating systems and to anticipate
    changes. Summary of on-site duties: Description: Experience upgrading
    Solaris equipment to new T5000 servers and M5000 workstations.
    Experience with Sunray infrastructure. Experience with Suncluster,
    Suncluster Geoclustering and Enterprise WAN and SAN. Understanding of
    JWICS and SIPRNET environments. Understanding of Agency security
    processes and procedures. Experience with Apache Tomcat and Mongrel.
    Metric Tool Experience. SAMBA experience.

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