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    Sharon Ballard

    Hi all, if you have a chance please complete this mini survey.

    (It is voluntary and no identity will be revealed).

    Take the public health challenge!

    1. Have you ever visited a public health center? If yes, what was the reason for your visit?

    Please rate the quality of service:

    Bad Satisfactory Good Excellent

    2. Please circle your age range?

    18-35 36-55 56-75 76-95 96-100+

    3. Describe how public health affects you, i.e., what does public health mean to you?

    4. Do you have health care insurance? If so, how often do you visit your doctor?

    5. In your opinion, what impact does public health centers have on urban cities?

    Thank you for your participation! Have a healthy day!

    Please return to: [email protected]

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