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    From Susan Fourtane blog on Internet evolution

    On March 1, 2012, a project for crowdsourced legislation was launched in Finland. It is called The Open Ministry (Avoin ministeriö, in Finnish), and it is the world’s first Internet-based legislation platform, where anyone can propose a new law to be evaluated by the Finnish Parliament.

    The Open Ministry was made possible thanks to the new Citizens’ Initiative Act, a recent addition to the Finnish Constitution, by which members of Finland’s Parliament are required to vote on all citizen initiatives that garner at least 50,000 valid online signatures.

    The Open Ministry, which operates independently of governmental or political parties, was founded by Internet-based startup entrepreneur, Joonas Pekkanen. “I noticed the passing of the Citizens’ Initiative Act in early December 2011, and I was surprised that it did not get properly covered in the media, since I considered it a great leap for the Finnish civil society. I was worried that, if not done properly, it would quickly be dismissed as a useless tool, but if done properly it could prove to be a start of a new kind of democracy,” said Pekkanen when I asked him what triggered the idea of creating The Open Ministry.

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