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    Henry Brown

    Be aware this blog contains some language which may not be totally appropriate for viewing in the work place (NSFW)….

    Struck me AGAIN how important communications is …..

    From Kellan Elliott-McCrea blog Laughing Meme

    Surviving being senior (tech) management
    I’ve got a short list of things I tell people they need to do to survive being senior management. This list has come up a bunch in the last week talking to different folks. So I’m writing it down so I don’t actually have to remember it. That’s sort of unfortunate because there are some alternate versions that exist in a super-positional state, but I think having it written down outweighs the flexibility.

    I’m sure the list isn’t especially unique to being senior management but there are a few things that are unique to being senior management, that makes it particularly relevant:

    It’s a job where your ability to cope with your demons is critical to the success of everyone who works for you. See also Ben Horowitz’s, What’s The Most Difficult CEO Skill? Managing Your Own Psychology

    Most people doing the work (at least in tech) are transitioning from maker to manager, and while a few special people are both good at management and enjoy it (and also a few sociopaths), most of us find it a really difficult transition to feel good about consistently and on an ongoing basis.

    It’s a simple list. It shouldn’t surprise. This is the minimum. This is my list from having done the job, managed folks doing the job, hired, promoted, and fired folks doing the job, and perhaps most importantly drank with folks doing the job. Your mileage may vary. (But I’d be kind of surprised.)

    1. Get some exercise

    2. Have someone to talk to

    3. Talk with peers

    4. Have a personal mastery project

    5 Put your own oxygen mask on first, before assisting others

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    Carol Davison

    I would add ensure that you have enough relationship with your supervisor so that he/she has your back, because otherwise you won’t last long in your leadership position.

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