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    Rachel Evans

    I have seen several government transportation agencies send text updates regarding road closures and traffic incidents, for instance “Disabled Vehicle SR 99 SB @ 1st Ave Bridge.” I think this provides an extremely valuable service; however, I have been told that there are Federal laws prohibiting the texting of any traffic updates. I have been unable to find any of those laws and was wondering if anyone is familiar with any laws prohibiting text updates or mobile traffic apps. If these laws do exist, do you know how an agency provides a texting or mobile app service without violating such a law?

    Obviously agencies do provide these mobile services and although being told otherwise I cannot believe all these agencies would be violating some federal traffic/communication law. I am not referring to any hands-free laws that a state might have.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated! At some point I would like to be able to offer such services to our citizens so I need to get beyond the current message that I am hearing, that of “there is a federal law prohibiting this.”

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    Steve Ressler

    Interesting. Was it a text message or push notification?

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