TGIF! Cast Your Vote! How Will You Spend Your Weekend?

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    Shannon Kennedy

    I adore work. It’s great when you can wake up every day and be excited about going into the office. However, nothing really beats that feeling you get when you realize it’s Friday! Your weekend is about to commence.

    Personally, I would love it if DC got a bit more snow (minus the power outages) so I would be able to enjoy it! Snow days are always the best, but not when you have work to get done and commuting to do!

    Like most people who work all week, my weekends are usually spent sleeping in, running errands, laundry, etc. This weekend I’m hoping to be Wonderwoman and get everything that needs to be done completed while also spending time with friends and enjoying my few days of free time.

    With all of the Oscar buzz that’s going around, I’m planning on seeing The King’s Speech. I’m very excited about that because it looks amazing.

    So enough about me, what are my fellow Govloopers getting into this weekend?

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