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    Henry Brown

    A TEDx presentation at Cambridge by Bruce Schneier which IMO should have at least some wider distribution

    Bruce Schneier gives us a glimpse of the future of the internet, and shares some of the context we should keep in mind, and the insights we need to understand, as we prepare for it.

    Watch the ~13 minute TEDx on Youtube

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    Henry Brown

    Commentary from Cory Doctorow blog:

    Bruce Schneier’s TEDxCambridge talk “The Battle for Power on the Internet” is a fascinating analysis of how networks have magnified, in turn, the power of individuals, then companies, then governments. Importantly, it neither dismisses the Internet as insignificant in the service of fair and free societies, nor does it presume that the Internet automatically makes the world better. Rather, it offers a prescription for using the Internet to make the world better, and to resist the use of technology to confiscate liberty.

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    David B. Grinberg

    This is very interesting, Henry. Thanks for sharing it.

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