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    Understanding that CISCO has at least some interest in the results of this survey/paper, IMO still a very interesting set of numbers

    Title: The Financial Impact of BYOD A Model of BYOD’s Benefits to Global Companies

    Executive Summary
    “Bring your own device” (BYOD) is the new mantra of employees who are empowered to innovate the way they work, using the technology tools they prefer. This growing trend has been well-documented. In our original research on BYOD, described in “BYOD: A Global Perspective,” the Cisco® Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) interviewed nearly 4,900 business leaders and IT decision makers in nine countries from January to July 2012.1 The study revealed that an astounding 89 percent of companies are enabling their employees to use their own devices — specifically, mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets — for work purposes. The study also showed that 69 percent of IT decision makers (up to 88 percent in some countries) feel that BYOD is a positive development for their organization.

    Recently, however, there has been skepticism about the benefits companies can expect when they embrace BYOD. While BYOD promises tantalizing value — such as greater employee productivity — some fear that security risks and the complexity of managing devices on multiple platforms could outweigh the benefits.2 Companies have a dilemma: Executives3 and knowledge workers want to use the devices, applications, and cloud services of their choice,4 and are demanding corporate network access and IT support. Companies are obliging them, but are uncertain whether or not BYOD is worth the risks and costs.

    To help companies determine the current and potential value of BYOD, Cisco IBSG conducted a detailed financial analysis of BYOD in six countries. Our findings show that, on average, BYOD is saving
    companies money and helping their employees become more productive. But the value companies currently derive from BYOD is dwarfed by the gains that would be possible if they were to implement BYOD more strategically.

    Download: 2.7M PDF

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