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    Henry Brown

    NOT sure about the relevance/relationship to USA jobs but interesting read in any case!

    from a blog

    LinkedIn is About to Put Job Boards (and Resumes) Out of Business

    Job boards are becoming more irrelevant to the corporate recruitment process every single year. They are ineffective because of the sheer amount of competition on them and how they’re perceived by recruiters. Only lazy recruiters source candidates from them. The best recruiters build a strong network that they grow, nurture and tap into. Most companies hire based on referrals, and through their corporate websites, not job boards. They only use job boards in a last ditch effort to hire a candidate because the best people for the job are the one’s that aren’t looking (sometimes called “passive candidates”).

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    Steve Ressler

    Agree that LinkedIn will be huge…

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    I’m in agreement for the corporate enviroment and for larger governmental agencies. Job board job announcements are on the decline. However, my recruiting opinion is that there are plenty of small/mom & pop organizations that don’t have a recruiter (much less an HR dept.) — these people will continue to use the online job boards (or, if their savvy – utilize a temp. service or outsource their recruitment). This goes for some of the smaller governmental agencies as well. An office manager providing clerical, accounting and HR services is not an experienced recruiter.

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    Lindy Kyzer

    The Forbes blog definitely points to an article we just featured at ClearanceJobs about the importance of a career network – gone are the days when you could just post your resume on a “job board” and find a job, and also gone are the days when an employer could just type in a search term, pull up the resume and get the perfect candidate (although recruiters know it never was that easy)! ClearanceJobs is a career network – and a job board, if we’re being honest. But I think a site like that will always have a place for the defense and intelligence community. The key thing about ClearanceJobs is that it isn’t a searchable site, like social media sites are – so cleared individuals can post their resume without worrying that details are being revealed on the open web that shouldn’t. And that’s pretty key. Folks in the defense and intelligence communities know they can’t post much about their jobs online.

    So, since you’re asking about the future of job boards, I thought I’d weigh in that I think our idea of the Cleared Network is where it’s at (and the best place to find a job if you have a security clearance). That said, we understand the power of social media (we’re on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, after all), but also know the importance of employers having a niche site to find a specific community (cleared candidates), and the networking that can take place within that environment.

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