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    Bill Brantley

    Two great articles on Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie and his latest memo concerning the future of computing.

    1) Analysis of the Ozzie Memo
    2) Moving to versus Building for Cloud Computing (borrowed his great concept for the above title).

    The money quote from the memo:
    ” ‘We’re moving toward a world of 1) cloud-based continuous services that connect us all and do our bidding, and 2) appliance-like connected devices enabling us to interact with those cloud-based services,’ he writes. He continues:

    ‘At first blush, this world of continuous services and connected devices
    doesn’t seem very different than today. But those who build, deploy and
    manage today’s websites understand viscerally that fielding a truly
    continuous service is incredibly difficult and is only achieved by the
    most sophisticated high-scale consumer websites. And those who build and
    deploy application fabrics targeting connected devices understand how
    challenging it can be to simply & reliably just ‘sync’ or ‘stream’.
    To achieve these seemingly simple objectives will require dramatic
    innovation in human interface, hardware, software and services.’ ”

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