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    Henry Brown

    From Forbes

    Title: Avoiding the Dreaded Decision Fatigue

    Have you ever made an important business decision late in the day, only to look back on it a day or two later and wonder, “What was I thinking?”

    It turns out the problem may not have been so much what you were thinking as when.

    According to researchers, the percentage of favorable rulings in parole hearings starts out at its highest early in the morning, and then steadily declines as the day wears on. This percentage increases dramatically after food breaks, but immediately declines again as soon as the judges resume their decision-making processes.

    As leaders and managers, we make decisions all day long. So it’s not surprising that the mental work of making decision after decision should wear us down, cloud our judgment, and sometimes lead to disastrous choices. Decision fatigue can also explain other undesirable managerial behaviors, including losing focus in meetings, getting angry with colleagues, or making impulsive, irrational decisions without considering the consequences.

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    David Reinbold

    Thanks for sharing such a great article, Henry. I especially liked the author’s strategies for battling decision fatigue, as I can recall numerous situations in which I found myself mentally drained.

    Just curious: Do you, or any other Govies, employ any of the strategies in the article to work around decision fatigue? Have you noticed yourself making more impulsive decisions at the end of the day?

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