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    Shannon Kennedy

    What do you get when you combine candid cameras and GIS? The answer is: Smithsonian Wild.

    As part of a Smithsonian Web 2.0 grant, Blue Raster has developed Smithsonian Wild, an interactive web mapping app for the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. The app uses ESRI ArcGIS and Flickr.

    According to Blue Raster, the application allows the public to check out over 250 different species in their natural habitats throughout the world. Motion-activated cameras placed in various regions across the globe capture over 201,000 still images and video sequences of animals as they pass.

    This gives viewers a truly unique experience to see animals in their natural habitats without any “camera shyness.”

    Smithsonian Wild also offers detailed descriptions of where these animals can be found throughout the world and allows the user to choose the path of the experience via species, group, or region.

    Have you seen this? Check it out!


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    Patricia Paul

    Wow-thanks for bringing this to my attention! Love the animals and especially in their natural habitats!!!

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