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    Shannon Kennedy

    The United Kingdom wants to be “the most open and transparent government in the world.” During the process of it’s open government initiative, the UK has launched a website that is dedicated to providing full access to government. The site already includes a section on:

    -Who does what in Whitehall
    -Business Plans
    -Who ministers are meeting
    -How to find all other government data
    Sections on budget and government contracts will soon be added to the site.

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    Mark Hammer

    There’s openness, and there’s comprehensibility. I would concur that trust in government depends fundamentally on transparency, but wide open access to things that make no sense to me does not necessarily create transparency, any more than management sending around an e-mail to all staff does. It is certainly a necessary precondition for the creation of transparency, but it sure as shooting needs a plausible, and coherent, narrative to string all that info together into something that makes sense to me as a citizen. In the absence of that coherence, you end up with bamboozled citizens who now have wads of uninterpretable information they can wade through freely, and apply whatever conspiracy theory they wish.

    As I’m fond of repeating, transparency attempted is not transparency achieved.

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    the website looks a little like GovLoop to me but with a better design 🙂

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    Steve Ressler


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    very cool thanks for sharing this!!

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    Lauren Modeen

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