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    Cathy Clarke

    There have already been many successful cloud computing implementations in government to
    point to including the following:

    • Implementation of a financial tracking solution for a division of the U.S. State Department that
      is dedicated to global nuclear arms tracking based on the
      platform that includes access to reports using mobile devices and secure
      browser access
    • Implementation of Web 2.0 candidate recruiting application based on, including
      integration with Facebook for the U.S. Army in connection with the Army Experience
    • Partnership tracking and contact management system based on for the U.S. Census Bureau
      to assist with execution of the 2010 Census
    • Implementation of Google Apps for office productivity and collaboration for the U.S. State Department
    • A cloud computing platform for Health & Human Services (HHS) to help them in converting medical
      providers across the country over to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) as
      mandated by the ARRA.
    • Implementation of Acumen Solutions’ START (Stimulus Tracking and Recipient Transparency) program,
      built upon’s, to track stimulus funds for the State
      of Maryland Dept of Energy Administration
      . This program enables
      them to rapidly track, manage and comply with the requirements mandated by
      the Obama Administration for accountability, oversight and transparency of
      economic stimulus funds.

    These are all successful implementation completed by my firm, Acumen Solutions, an IT
    professional services and business consultancy based in Vienna, VA. We can
    provide additional case study details and put you in touch with appropriate
    people at these agencies. A recent Nucleus Research study provides an
    independent analysis on our project at the U.S., State Department. This yielded
    an ROI of 216% and a payback: 8 months. The average annual benefit was
    $1,625,066. You can access this study at the following link.

    Additional information on our public sector cloud computing projects is available at:

    There was a blog about a Labor Dept. cloud computing deployment last week. We look forward to hearing back from others who have cloud computing success stories to
    share and who can discuss some of the challenges we face in this new area for
    government. How have you measured ROI on these projects?

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