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    Lauren Modeen


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    Henry Brown

    “you are overpaid, and we need to cut your benefits”

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    1. “Can you help me get a job?”

    2. “So how’s it going over there in Washington, D.C.? Still doing nothing all day?”

    3. “I saw your boss on TV the other day. How’s Janet doing?”

    4. “You’ve got some scandals going on there in Washington. You have anything to do with that?”

    5. “MUST READ” – and then forwards an email about how Wal-Mart is run better than the government.

    6. “Who should I talk to about (selling X product)”?

    7. “What are you, like a refugee from the private sector?”

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    Dave Bell

    1. Couldn’t you get a real job?

    2. You are a fat cat bureaucrat.

    3. Why are working for the Government? You could have done so much better.

    4. I pay my taxes, so why don’t you?

    5. You get too many days off (or vacation days).

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    Marian Henderson
    1. You need to cut the fat from your budget.
    2. If you people would just do your jobs…
    3. Actually, any remark that begins with “you people” is better left unsaid to a Govie.
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    Stewart F Gwyn

    Definitely, how you deliver any message is sensitive to a gov-badge. Here are some we have put more than necessary time on and thought about:

    1. As a billable resource, you want me to explain CFR and what each part, subpart(s) mean?
    2. You want me to set your claim for gov-property you know it has been missing for over 3 months?
    3. Please concur, our recommendation is in buyouts/attritions/budget cuts will provide a net gain with no work-instruction losses?
    4. Who is playing power-games?
    5. Yes, your name, benefits, and salary are posted on the WORLD WIDE WEB. And yes, I make more than you !?!
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    Terrence Hill

    “Sludge” Like:

    – Oh, so you’re “TELEWORKING” today?

    – Leaving Already?

    – Unlike Government workers, I actually “work” for a living!

    Plus – I like all of Dannielle’s.

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    Ramona Winkelbauer

    I absolutely loathe the “[Just] Good enough for Government Work” —- it is my contention that many Government employees take pride in doing an excellent job and the GE4GW, is in my opinion, a denigration of that.

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    Steve Ressler

    I always hated it when they turned it into politics.

    You work for gov’t so you must be an X supporter – I hate him and I can’t believe you work for him.

    Me – I’m a gov’t employee. Has nothing to do w/ politics

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    David Dejewski

    How many government meetings does it take to change a light bulb?

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    David Dejewski

    So they pay you to sleep?

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    David Dejewski

    You work for the government? Do you know Sam Smith?

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    David Dejewski

    Dude… when do they let you out?

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    Daniel Crystal

    “I’m a hardcore libertarian,” but only when it comes out of the mouth of defense contractors who have no concept of irony.

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