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    Steve Ressler

    Anyone attending Gov 2 Expo today in DC? Any thoughts? Best speakers? Interesting comments?

    It’s just kicking off and I really like the format – quick 5 minute talks. American Idol style voting. Should be a blast.

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    John Bordeaux

    Slides aren’t as readable as I’d like. Still too many people tied to PowerPoint via an unnatural umbilicus.

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    Tracy Lynn Freedman

    Speed of presentations is appropriate and refreshing when focusing on the heart of the matter rather than just talking really really fast. The mix of state & local and Federal is great!

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    Steve Ressler

    1st govie ignite style presentation I’ve seen….Good…but not quite as awesome as some of Ignite masters I’ve seen…but more to come.

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    The Dutch ‘delegation’ is blogging on … you can read it using Google Translate.

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