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    Bill Bott

    It’s rare to see real government work get column inches in the major publications, but Joe Klein hits on a lot of good points in this Time article http://www.time.com/time/politics/article/0,8599,1987358,00.html?xid=rss-topstories. It reinforces the most recent post on Public Great http://www.governing.com/publicgreat where Ken Miller discusses where change in government happens.

    Both writers agree that the political machine that passes laws and grabs the most headlines rarely drives real change. Klein blames the focus on passing the bill vs. Implementing – Miller calls it a soccer match where the ball gets passed from side to side, but rarely does anyone score.

    Klein also is making a clear distinction between the politics and the management of government – which is what Public Great is all about… The best ways to manage our work in order to increase our capacity to do more good.

    So where does change happen? The dedicated public servant…. The systems of work… The special interest groups….

    I used to read Time for the political cartoons, I might have to turn past page 12 now.

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