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    I know, I know, e-Books are ‘all the rage’ right now and, buying one can help cut down your carbon footprint but, for those who still love the feel of pages between your fingers, here are 3 great sites to utilize:

    1. – This an eBay site but I’ve seen books discounted up to 94% off! They also carry textbooks, music and games.
    2. – This is another good site for used/slightly used books in many categories. They also carry audio books and textbooks. They also buy books and are affiliated with

    3. – Great site if you are ready to pass the knowledge on, and make money. Where was this site when I was in college? Nevertheless, it’s a good resource to help keep your library uncluttered but the books cannot have a publishing date earlier than 2007.
    Happy Book Hunting and if you know of any good, discounted resources, please leave a reply here.

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