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    Steve Ressler

    I received this message from a govlooper the other day:

    “We’re interested in providing a mobile app that would offer a lot categories (up to 100).

    The categories are RSS feeds, and we want to have a “favorite” tab so folks can customize this app. For example the app might offer flood alerts for all 50 neighborhood and 35 low water crossings. I want to pick my “favorites” so I get the alerts for my neighborhood and workplace, and my mom’s neighborhood. We’re also wanting it to include map.

    We’d like to develop this inhouse (because we have no money) Do you have any advise on how to begin”

    Any suggestions on building a cheap/free local gov app with RSS?

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    I would try and reach out to developers in your community that may want to work on a civic project. That’s the idea behind the Code for America brigades. Even if they just have a discussion with you, they may know a better way to accomplish what you’re trying to do.

    The other thing is that it might be easier to make a web-app that’s mobile friendly instead of trying to build three different apps for three different phones.

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    Aaron K. Saunders

    you can try going to a local meetup and see if there is somewhere there who might help.

    also you could solve this problem with a website that allows people to save specific feeds? It might be easier to find help with a website instead of a mobile app

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    Sid Burgess


    Thanks for posting this question. I could help out your friend easily. I want to avoid self-promoting here so let me know how you would like me to respond. You know that DotGov is in the business of helping government agencies go mobile in a free or affordable way. =)

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