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    Probably has at least some relevance for any Web 2.0 site, especially, when the mission is seeking a job…

    From CEOJOB Expert blog:

    Ten Things to Immediately Do On LinkedIn

    Written on May 15, 2011 by John Heckers

    This article is at the request of some of my followers on LinkedIn. They’ve asked me to give some tips on the immediate things that one must do on LinkedIn at once. Here they are.

    1). Put up a photo.

    2). Join about 45 groups.

    3). Post discussions on groups.

    4). Participate in threads.

    5). Let it be known that you are an open networker.

    6). Get recommendations

    7). Accept everyone, but invite strategically.

    8). Diversify your contacts.

    9). Use your network.

    10). Update regularly.

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