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    Shannon Kennedy

    When it comes to technology in my family, I am the “go-to” child. I know more about the latest trends and gadgets than most of my family and my parents really can’t keep up. In fact, my mom asked me just the other day why in the world I feel the need for a smartphone. My response: “Why wouldn’t I??”

    Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my parents asked me to explain first, what the iPad is, and secondly, how a person would choose between an iPad vs a netbook. I was kind of stumped on this one.
    I’ve read that the iPad has an edge over netbooks when it comes to media such as viewing videos and reading e-books. The netbook is less of an entertainment device and more as a functional computer with a full keyboard and more space on the hard drive.
    Obviously, to a person who enjoys the latest touchscreen innovations, the iPad is where it’s at.
    I explained this to my parents, and my mom replied with “So it’s basically just a bigger version of a smartphone, minus the phone?”
    So I ask you all this, what do you prefer? If you could only have one, which would you choose? Is this a case of cool and trendy vs. functionality?
    I’d love to hear your feedback!
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    Elliot Volkman

    Previously one of the major concerns between the iPad and netbooks was the lack of Flash video. You would be able to view Hulu and other video sites on a netbook, but now the iPad has apps for most of these sites.

    If you are going for economics, a netbook is generally cheaper and provides most of the same functionality. Tablets are still evolving, and I wouldn’t buy an iPad right now or at least until information on the second generation one is revealed. The andriod tablets are also doing quite well though, which include things like front and rare cameras and flash support. Tablets are also quite a bit more expensive.

    If Microsoft didn’t cancel the courier I would have bought that without question.

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    Terrence Hill

    I have had a notebook for a couple years and its sort of a miniature laptop, costing and weighing much less, but having all of the same functionality. I’m actually buying the IPad for my daughter for Christmas because of all the apps that are available, especially for educators. Also, it’s much cooler, which doesn’t hurt.

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    Shannon Kennedy

    Thanks for your feedback! Great comments!

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    Tim Evans

    >”So it’s basically just a bigger version of a smartphone, minus the phone?”

    Well, yeah. Then, there are things like the Dell Streak, which does include the phone, but is not as large as an iPad.

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    Denise Hill

    I like your mom’s response. Do you really need an iPAD if you have an iPhone? I am holding out for the next generation of the iPad, the iSPP (iSmartPhonePad) with built-in camera. Until them, I am holding on to my BB. 🙂

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    Denise Petet

    i think, if you’re just twittering or wanting to watch movies, send a few e-mails, read an e-book, then the IPad is good for you. I find its limits being:

    *small hard drive space
    *if you really want to type you need an external key board (69 dollars)
    *it must be sync’d to another computer to transfer files, or they are e-mailed as an attachment, meaning you must be at least near wifi to access it (unless you buy the 800 dollar 3g one and data plan)

    With a netbook

    *larger harddrive (hundreds of gigs vs the ipad’s 64 gig max)
    *the ability to run software you already have (sometimes you just need to transfer the installation discs to a memory sick or hard drive and install from there since most if not all netbooks lack an optical drive
    *the ability to transfer files using a memory card or usb stick
    *an attached and – usually – full sized or near full sized keyboard

    I own an Ipod touch, lust after an IPad, but also own a netbook. I use the touch as I think i would the Ipad. twitter updates, quick glance at e-mail, use the weather app, downloaded some free e-books that i haven’t read yeat..but when i travel my netbook goes with me. it’s a fully functional computer, just at 2 pounds instead of the 8 of my full sized laptop.

    Honestly? as cool as the Ipad is, I think a person would be money ahead to go with a netbook if they need computer functionality, or check out the android based tablets – most less than the iPad’s starting price of 499.

    I bought my touch to replace my old Axim handheld, and after the first of the year I might look into an android tablet…and if I do get one, i can get two units for the same price as the low end iPad, and likely do more over all.

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    Brent Kastner

    Hi Shannon,

    Have you looked at the Android powered Tablets? The Samsung Galaxy Tab is now out, available with any US cell carrier, and has some cool features over and above what the iPad has to offer… Just a thought, it’ll still set you back around $400 to $600 while a netbook can be had for about half that amount.

    Food for thought!


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