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    Karen Stewart

    We have a group of employees that would like to have a lunchtime Toastmaster’s group meet on site.

    Does anyone have a policy that they can share that makes provisions for Toastmaster’s or similar type groups to meet at their government offices?

    Also do any organizations pay for or reimburse employee membership dues for participating in Toastmaster’s as part of your employee development program?

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    Corey McCarren

    Is toastmasters that organization which works on public speaking? That’s a pretty good idea, it can be hard to keep sharp at public speaking, but at the same time going to Toastmasters meetings after work is a lot of commitment!

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    Just asked this question on Twitter for you, Karen. Please ping me on email ([email protected]) if you don’t get more responses. This is a great question and one that I’d like to make sure you get a solid answer.

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    Bill Erwin

    It’s hard to host a lunchtime club unless you’ve got a good location, and understanding management.

    Our space is donated for free by our entity, but times are tight and we have to pay our own membership fees. In my opinion it’s well worth the time and effort, because you learn much more than how to speak in public.

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    Aimee Babcock-Ellis

    My old Toastmasters club met during lunch during the first 3 Wednesdays of the month. It was only open to federal employees because the EEO office sponsored the club, paying for some of the membership dues. We occasionally has issues finding a meeting space. I have joined a Toastmasters club in the community and the workplace clubs seem a little better organized. Many of the Toastmasters that received awards for completing manuals had letters sent to their bosses to let them know their progress.

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    Karen Stewart

    Yes, Toastmasters provides training on public speaking. We have multiple lunchtime groups spread across our organization. We are looking at ways to provide consistent access for employees at all levels wishing to participate in this development opportunity. We are hoping a policy may help provide the continutity.

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    Karen Stewart

    Thank you!! I appreciate the assistance!

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