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    Scott Horvath

    It’s that time of the year again where blogs, traditional media, private companies and more come out with “Top 10 _____ of the Year” lists. Government seems to have been making strides in many things this year like transparency, open government, technology, social media, etc.

    Knowing what you know…which Top 10 lists do you think Government will make this year?
    Sound off!
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    Sam Allgood

    I would divide ‘Government’ into two group:

    Government Employees
    – Top 10 Innovations
    – Top 10 Ways to Learn from One Another

    – Top 10 Big Spenders
    – Top 10 Ways to Pretend to Listen To and Then Ignore Your Customers
    – Top 10 Ways to Spend Money You Don’t Have
    – Top 10 Ways to Lose Your Job
    – Top 10 Ways to Reward Your Supporters

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    Steve Ressler

    Top 10 Employers
    Top 10 Hiring Organizations (or was for the year)

    Top 10 in ad spending (Census 2010)

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    Heather Coleman

    Or we could create the lists we WANT government to appear on and see how others add to them or vote on them using Listoid.

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