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    Amanda Blount

    To the whole community;

    I am helping compile the “Year In Review” for Govloop. Think of this as the Emmys of Govloop. Was there a Blog entry which moved you, informed you, motivated you, or in any way affected you? Be sure to add your favorites to this discussion (add a link), and let us know why. Don’t be shy, if you want to add in one of your own, then by all means feel free. Explain why the blog entry is important and should be added in the “Year in Review”! We need all the entries added in no later than Saturday morning 26th December. So, while you have a little time off, look through the blogs and add in your favorite!

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    To get everyone started (and to make it a lot easier!), throughout the year we tried to tag blog posts that had 5 or more comments. Right now, there are 177 blogs to choose from…should we make it 10 or more comments? Are number of comments the best way to determine a “top blog post” of the year?

    People’s choice!

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    Constitutional Trivia. It was a father day present that was fun to read and write while we all learned about the a master piece which our civilization was founded.

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