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    Amanda Blount

    To the whole community;

    I am helping compile the “Year In Review” for Govloop. Think of this as the Emmys of Govloop. Was there a discussion entry which moved you, informed you, motivated you, or in any way affected you? Be sure to add your favorites to this discussion (add a link), and let us know why. Don’t be shy, if you want to add in one of your own, then by all means feel free. Explain why the discussion entry is important and should be added in the “Year in Review”! We need all the entries added in no later than Saturday morning 26th December. So, while you have a little time off, look through the discussions and add in your favorite!

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    To get you started, you can find the forums that generated the most comments here.

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    Emi Whittle

    Jerry Gallucci and the Coffee from Australia forum discussion has GOT to make the year in review list!

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    Amanda Blount

    Coffee does bring people together! Yes, that one is a good one!

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    Tom Vannoy

    HI Amanda,

    Great idea. The one that immediately came to mind for me was Lovisa’s discussion entitled “Do you have a Social Media Policy? Do you need one?”. I have gone back to it multiple times this year to gather information on social media policies. Govloop in general has been extremely helpful on the subject and Lovisa’s post and the resulting discussion and sharing of information has been incredibly valuable.

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    Amanda Blount

    I am going to go back to that one and look it over. Thank you!

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    Joshua joseph

    Cool idea. Here’s a related thought…since it may be hard to choose between a discussion of “coffee” and a thread about Gov 2.0, may want to consider picking favorites by category. Which ones to include? Looking at the forum categories (here), there are four — work, leadership, Gov20 and misc (excluding job postings) that have each generated over 100 forums. That’s a pretty big pool to choose from! So as not to exclude forums in the other less-used categories, such as benefits or HR, you could expand the Misc category (call it “best of the rest”) to include any posts that don’t fall under one of the heavily used categories.

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    Adam Arthur

    Amanda, I believe @Joshua joseph has a great idea here. This is a really good way to do it. I would consider the top ten of each of the 4 categories and maybe put those out for a public GovLoop vote to choose the final top ten, (thus creating a true cross-knowledge decision).

    I would have Steve or Andy post the results- for maximum exposure. 🙂

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    What if we did the Top 3-5 per category? That would be about 15-20 total, right? That’s a good number…unless 3-4 folks want to each pick a category and help Amanda out!

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    Adam Arthur


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