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    Amy DeWolf

    A recent GovLooper asked: how many hours of training should you be taking per year? What is ideal?

    What do you think? How many hours of training (online and in person) do you take? Is it enough?

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    Dorothy Stivers


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    Dorothy Stivers


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    R. Anne Hull

    Although many organizations allot specific hours to training for budgeting purpose, the better question is what do you need to learn and what’s the best way to learn it? Logging training hours does not equal learning and application.
    Check your performance evaluations and review your work challenges. Use an IDP to set goals and activities for improving your current work performance and developing skills for trending changes and promotion or new roles. Some of your learning will be through formal training (Instructor led, e-learning, webinars, etc.) Other learning will be experiential – through participating in meetings, conferences, and task forces. Job shadowing and mentoring will provide a reality check.
    Your training will be ‘enough’ when you are using the skills effectively and it shows in your accomplishments.

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